Project Overview

Welcome to KLED Saint Lucia. This website is dedicated to everything we are working on across the island. KLED are retrofitting the entire islands street light network with KLED custom LED. The project will upgrade all 22,000 street lights and tunnel lights to new energy saving LED, whilst adding 2,640 new LED street lights to residential areas.

Project Highlights

  • 70% energy savings
  • Reduced CO2 emissions by 5,081 tonnes
  • Up to 50% higher light levels
  • Reduced road glare
  • Increased road safety
  • Decreased crime

Please explore the map below and report any faults by clicking onto the lamp with the fault and filling out the form. Only report LED faults as all existing faults will be rectified as the project progresses.

The map will be updated as the project moves through the island.


  • Blue:      Sodium
  • Orange: Currently in progress
  • Green:  LED


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